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If you want to turn your vacation into an unforgettable adventure and not waste time on small things, use the experience and services of professionals. Here are some tips to get you started:

Georgia’s centuries-old history and high level of cultural development have created a valuable and interesting historical-cultural space, where tourists of any taste from any country will find various mesmerizing trips of any type and duration to Georgia.

We offer best-organized service and various purpose (motivational) tours to everyone who wants to travel to Georgia, including:

Cultural & Heritage tours

national georgian dance

Georgian culture has a rich history and is evident in the country’s architecture, dance, music, cuisine, and language. The Georgian polyphonic choral tradition has been around for over a thousand years and is one of the earliest forms of Western music. Georgian folk dances are bright, incredible fire-filled displays of sumptuous costumes and the weaving together of history with art. There’s nothing indifferent about such a spectacle! Georgian Monuments are an interesting blend of European and Eastern architectural styles. They combine natural shapes with the intricate patterns that Georgian culture is famous for. Georgia is dedicated to preserving this heritage and offers visitors an opportunity to explore the old world in a new way through its cultural tours. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly day trip or want to learn more about the country’s ancient past, there are many options.
Georgia Cultural & Heritage Tours: A New Perspective on Old World Culture

Gastronomic & Wine tours

georgian food

Georgia is a country that has so much to offer. The Wine and Culinary tour in Georgia is a perfect vacation option for those looking to combine an adventure with their thirst.  Whether you are a foodie, oenophile, or both, this excursion will take you on the ultimate gastronomic journey through the regions of Georgia where you will taste some of the most delicious wines and dishes imaginable. Take a culinary tour with us to explore traditional dishes like khachapuri and Ghomi along with modern interpretations from some of Georgia’s most well-known chefs. Why not try your hand at making your own cheese? Or sample all types of Georgian wines? Georgia—a country on the Black Sea coast where Asia meets Europe, and whose people have been making wine since 8000 BC—is an ancient grape-growing region renowned as one of the oldest areas for commercial viticulture in human history. We’ll introduce you to the winemakers who make viticulture in Georgia so special!

Pilgrimage tours

georgian church

Pilgrim tours to Georgia are an ideal opportunity for those looking to learn more about this often unexplored country. Visitors can get a glimpse of the holy places and touch history by joining one day or multiple private excursions where they will come in contact with all that is Georgian as well as some secrets only found at these monasteries. With every step closer, pilgrims become changed into something new – meeting their own potential while experiencing what it was like centuries ago when monks walked barefoot around Mtskheta Monastery’s cloisters on top of mountains covered in snow and thick fog; living among ancient trees within Gori’s oldest monastery built outside city walls before Christianity had even taken root there.

Adventure tours

adventure in georgia

When it comes to adventure tours, location does not matter so much. In this case, the key is a well-crafted idea. Yes, that’s an adventurous idea. As an adventure, we offer you: to get out of the daily routine for at least a while, to get acquainted with something new, to Travel to Georgia, during which there will be no surprises and coincidences. Adventure tours in Georgia always have informative goals – to see with your own eyes, to touch, to try, to feel, to perceive, to hear something new. Adventure tourism has something in common with extreme tourism.

Extreme & Skiing tours

skiing georgia

Organizing extreme tours in Georgia means having fun with extreme sports in different parts of the country, especially in natural conditions. This could be, for example, mountaineering, (The route will be designed according to the tourist level of training); Also, cycling, rafting, canyoning, off-road, para-gliding, mountain-skiing tours are very popular in Georgia. Extreme tours are by far the most popular ski tours in Georgia, during which you will not only enjoy skiing but also riding horses, breathing the fresh mountain air.

Traveling to Georgia is exciting at any time of the year – ski resorts are no less attractive in spring and summer, but for ski-lovers, of course, winter is the most fascinating. There are 5 mountain-skiing resorts in Georgia – Bakuriani, Gudauri, Giderdzi, Tetnuldi, Hatsvali.


hiking georgia

Hiking is one of the most active and sophisticated forms of recreation, which envisages the passage of the route of different complexity on foot – the route can pass through forests, fields, mountains, national parks. Today such holidays are popular all over the world. To plan the tour, you can also choose to hike places near Tbilisi or unknown parts of Georgia, beautiful places for photos, all leaving you with lasting impressions.


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